M1 Mac gets Ubuntu Linux port release

Chris Wade, CTO of Corellium has announced via tweet that M1 Macs will be getting a functional Ubuntu Linux port. The software will be released on GitHub and will include a tutorial for those who are interested.

Corellium has made a bootable installer via USB, with USB-C dongle support for DART, I2C, USB and networking aspects. It does come with limitations though, notably lack of GPU acceleration support.

M1 Mac

The company has been working on the port for M1 since this month and has made steady progress during the weekend.

Corellium is a company that uses software virtualization to offer app testing, security research and more. Apple has had legal scuffles with Corellium since they released an iOS emulation software to the public.

Apple lost a lawsuit with Corellium recently, with the judge siding with Corellium in the pretense that they are within fair use terms. However, there are other claims in the lawsuit that’s yet to be resolved.