M1 Mac Mini for $699 packs a lot of performance

The Mac Mini is the cheapest way to enter Apple’s Mac ecosystem. It was loved by many in the initial years because of its very low price. However, in 2018, Apple introduced a slightly redesigned Mac Mini with a starting price tag of $799 up from $499. 

The Mac Mini turned into an expensive machine when compared to Windows PCs which can be configured for a meagre of the price Apple was charging for the Mac Mini. But things are beginning to look positive on the Mac side once more, the new Mac Mini with Apple’s custom M1 chip starts at $699 – $100 less lower than the previous generation.

Hi Apple Silicon, Bye Intel!

Of course, it’s not just the price that makes it such a great deal, the tiny beast packs in a lot of performance which could even beat $1000 machines. The M1 is the first Apple chip for the Mac as it moves away from Intel chips.

M1 Mac Mini for $699 packs a lot of performance

In June of this year, at Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced its plan to move away from Intel chips. The company said that the transition will take two years to complete and also added that it has some Intel based Macs in the pipeline as well. To assure customers that their old Intel Macs will not be outdated soon or even potential customers looking at Intel based Macs, the company has promised years of software updates.

The Mac Mini features the same chip found on the new MacBook Air and the based model of the 13” MacBook Pro. The M1 chip has been found by tech reviewers to be faster than even the $2,300 16” MacBook Pro in some cases. Of course, to use the M1 chip to its full potential, apps have to be optimized for the new ARM64 architecture. At present, Apple’s own apps like Final Cut Pro, Xcode, and more appear to perform the best on M1 Macs.

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