M1 MacBook Air is the best all-around laptop

Apple released the M1 MacBook Air last year at its November event. The most differentiating factor of the machine has to be the fact that it does not use a fan anymore. The MacBook Air is completely silent and at the same time it does not generate much heat which could harm the machine.

The M1 chip has revolutionized the Mac or the computer industry as a whole. The whole industry is ashook by the Apple Silicon, as it offers high performance levels while consuming very less power in comparison to chips offered by other chip makers. Intel and AMD are working on competing with Apple by improving the efficiency of their own chips.

MacBook Air two models

Same design, new fast (very fast) internals

The design of the M1 MacBook Air is the same as the 2018 MacBook Air but it does have a completely different keyboard mechanism. The 2018 MacBook Air used the troublesome Butterfly Keyboard mechanism whereas the 2020 M1 MacBook Air uses the sturdy and less likely to break Magic Keyboard mechanism.

The M1 MacBook Air retails for $999 with 8GB of unified memory and 256GB of system memory which offers stupendously fast read and write speeds. The M1 chip offered in the base model has a 7-core GPU and an 8-core CPU. Apple offers an option to purchase the 8-core GPU version for an extra charge, however the 8-core CPU remains standard across the board.

M1 MacBook Air is the best all-around laptop
M1 chip

The performance offered by the M1 chip is plainly amazing. It is much faster than the Intel i3 and Intel i5 used in the previous generation MacBook Air models. It does not even require a fan for cooling, as the chip is very efficient but it can throttle a little when running very (very) intensive applications. 

At $999 (USD), the MacBook Air is the best all-around laptop anybody can. It has a gorgeous display, decent speakers, amazing battery which lasts all day long, and an aluminium body. The only negative has to be the fact that the webcam is not great but that can be easily ignored.