M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop at $999 (and $899 for students/teachers)

Apple unveiled the M1 MacBook Air at its special event in November last year. The machine happens to offer the best value for money in the current laptop market. The base model of the MacBook Air costs $999 with 256GB of storage and 8GB of system memory. However, students can get the M1 MacBook Air for just $899 which makes the deal even better.

While the design of the MacBook Air has not largely changed, the internals of the M1 MacBook Air are all new. The most important happens to be the M1 chip which is made by Apple and is based on the ARM architecture. In 2020 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced that the Mac would transition from Intel to using its own chip over the course of two years.

M1 MacBook Air is the best laptop at $999

Great externals with fantastics internals

Unlike the previous generations, the M1 MacBook Air does not have a fan on the inside anymore. The new Apple made chips are so power efficient that they do not generate any noticeable heat while offering excellent performance. For comparison, the previous generation Intel version of the MacBook Air suffered from various issues such as thermal throttling and heating issues.

M1 chip
M1 chip

The M1 MacBook Air offers consistent performance which should be in line with an Intel i5 chip. However, unlike the Intel i5 chip, this is very much efficient; the M1 chip powered Mac computers are able to offer long battery life of 15 hours or more. The new chips by Apple are truly revolutionary, offering some significant performance jumps while requiring less power.

At the moment, the M1 MacBook Air (base model) continues to be the best value for money laptop. It offers an excellent display, excellent build quality, excellent performance, and excellent everything for a reasonable price tag of $999. While other laptops offer better performance at this price point, no laptop comes close to offering such an overall package.