M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air get lower AppleCare+ prices

Apple has recently lowered its AppleCare+ plan prices for the new M1-powered MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Coverage and accidental damage fees were left as is.

The MacBook Air AppleCare+ coverage is now only $199 in the US, which was originally $250. It also applies to the Intel-based MacBook Air although they’re not sold through the official channels anymore.


The 13 inch MacBook Pro has two separate AppleCare+ prices, with the Intel-based model still on $269 while the M1-powered version is now only $249.

Those who have AppleCare+ coverage for their MacBooks can get Apple Support assistance and have the price changed to reflect the new one, although Apple didn’t say until when they’re going to allow this.

AppleCare+ for Macs allows up to two accidental damage protection cases within 12 months, with each having a $99 service fee for external enclosure or screen damage, and $299 for others. The service puts the owner in a 24/7 priority access to tech support representatives by phone or online chat.