M1 Mac users can now test out VMware Fusion via tech preview and request for access by filling out an online form. A public tech preview is set to become available two weeks from now, according to Michael Roy, VMware Fusion manager.

VMware Fusion

As it stands, VMware Fusion is limited and will only virtualize Arm-based Linux environments. At launch, the app won’t support Windows 10 virtualization as Microsoft doesn’t have Arm version licensing options yet.

Roy tweeted that the Windows 10 option should still work but it won’t have VMware tools or drivers. The virtualization software won’t be able to emulate Linux or Intel-based Windows software as well, and at the moment macOS is not supported.

Arm-based Windows retail versions are not offered yet, but previews are available to Windows Insider users. Parallels, a VMware competitor, recently boasted its ability to run Arm-based Windows on an Apple Silicone with version 16.5. However, it did come with a disclaimer that the user must stay compliant with the operating system’s licensing agreement.


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