Apple designed M2 chip enters mass production; new MacBook Pros could launch at WWDC

Apple unveiled the new redesigned iMac at its April event which is powered by the company’s M1 chip. The company also unveiled the new iPad Pro which marks a major shift, as it is now powered by the same M1 chip which powers the new iMac, the MacBook Air, the Mac mini, and the base model MacBook Pro.

The next generation M-series chip is likely to be unveiled later this year with high performance Mac machines like the top-tier MacBook Pro models. According to Nikkei Asia, the new upcoming chip has already entered mass production. The new chip will further reduce Apple’s reliance on Intel for chips to power its Mac computers.

New Mac hardware could be unveiled at WWDC

The sources that talked to Nikkei Asia, reported that the upcoming chip will be ready to ship in the month of July. The time frame of the chip shipment is interesting, as Apple is set to hold its annual developers conference in June this year. The company has previously used the event to announce new Mac computers, especially the ones which are targeted towards its “pro” customers.

“It’s now an irreversible trend that Apple will eventually use only its own chips in its computer products. … Macs have their own ecosystem as well as user base because they run on Apple’s own operating systems instead of Microsoft Windows,” said IDC analyst Joey Yen. “So far, Apple has made a successful debut, and the integrated experience has also been satisfying based on general customers’ feedback.”

Apple designed M2 chip enters mass production; new MacBook Pros could launch at WWDC

Last year, at its annual developers conference WWDC, Apple announced the transition of the Mac from Intel to its own Apple Silicon. The company also added that the transition would take two years to complete. To make the transition smooth for its customers, a developer transition kit (DTK) was released to beta test and allow developers to move their apps to the new architecture before releasing it to the masses. In November 2020, Apple unveiled the M1 chip, the first in-house designed chip to power consumer grade Mac computers.

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