M5 and A19 chips may be already under development

A recent post on social media platform X shows that Apple is already working on the M5 and A19 chip.

A shared image by user @_orangera1n reveals a list of chip tags that are used as identifiers for Apple-made processors. One of the main uses of chip tags is to ensure incompatible firmware is not put on specific hardware, among others.

M5 and A19 Chips

The source of the tags isn’t revealed, but it’s believed that the list came from a generated script that forces Apple Chip ID checks through a server. The existence of possible code for the M5 chip and A19 chip are there, but there aren’t any other information or specifications yet.

Apple typically takes a significant amount of time designing major products, and with lead times between the process and product launch it’s no surprise that the Cupertino-based company is well ahead of the currently offered chips intended for Mac and iPhone models.