A new WhatsApp software may be arriving in a native version, thanks to Apple’s Mac Catalyst framework.

WhatsApp Software

The messaging platform is believed to be working on bringing its app to the Mac via the Catalyst app. Currently, the Meta-owned app has a web-based version that users can download for the macOS Big Sur on the official WhatsApp website. However, it lacks certain functionalities, such as a spell checker and drag-and-drop. Now, WhatsApp will be building an app within the Catalyst framework in order to make it more power-efficient.

Apple launched the Catalyst framework as a way for developers to create Mac apps that have the same aspects as their iPad apps. iPad-specific features are automatically ported into macOS features when compatible.

Meta has not launched a WhatsApp app for the iPad, and it’s unclear if the company is planning to do so anytime soon. The Mac version is yet to have a specific launch date.


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