Apple starts offering custom Mac configurations in India


Apple’s Mac computers are an expensive bunch in India. Not that they are not expensive in other countries but especially in India, they cost almost 25% higher than in the US. The company is not exactly “set up” in India, meaning that it has not put a lot of effort in improving the sales in the country.

Apple starts offering custom Mac configurations in India

However, the scenario appears to be changing as Apple has begun offering custom configurations for their Mac computers in India. Up until now, the company only sold some standard configurations and if anybody desired a different configuration, they would have to ship it from the United States or other countries where the option to customize is available.

Potential Apple customers in the future can now opt for higher end configurations or customize the internals according to their requirements. The service however has now been made available only in few select stores across the country. Using the customization options, customers will be able to choose the amount of RAM, the processor, the storage, graphics, and other available options (depending on the model of computer).

TechCrunch first reported the news of Apple beginning configure-to-order (CTO) option for its Mac lineup in India. The updated Apple website now shows a list of options the customers can pick from compared to the previous site which only showed a set of standard configurations.

Apple has begun to improve its operations in India as it looks forward to being an important player in the country. Almost two years ago, the company started assembling select iPhone models in the city of Bengaluru in India to get tax exemptions and as a result, reduce the price of the iPhone.

Apple is also working on bringing its online store to India sometime this year. It was previously planned to go online in the month of June but the release has reportedly been postponed to sometime around September.

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