Mozilla has recently outed its newest web browser for Mac users. Firefox 95 offers a number of efficiency and performance improvements, as well as the RLBox sandboxing subsystem.

Mac Firefox

Release notes for Firefox 95 can be viewed on the official website or after the update is installed. Notable among them is the RLBox technology which makes the browser more difficult to invade in terms of security.

Mozilla made mention of the reduced CPU usage on macOS machines, and power usage of decoded video in fullscreen, including popular streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Lastly, the new 95 version improves page loading and content processing via speculative JavaScript compiling.

Firefox users can now move the PiP toggle button to the opposite side, which shows up as ‘Move Picture in Picture’. Site Isolation is enabled for the new version for better protection versus side-channel attacks.

Those interested can now download Firefox 95 from the official Mozilla website.


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