Mac floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs is up for auction

A Macintosh floppy drive signed by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs is up for auction today, with a value that’s estimated at $7,500.

The pre-certified item is unlike other Apple memorabilia, which include posters and manuals autographed by Jobs.

RR Auction has a description for the floppy, which reads ‘the floppy disk is of Version 6 Macintosh System Tools and has a signature of ‘Steve Jobs’ written with black felt tip marker. The item is rated in ‘fine condition’, with minimal ink brushing. It’s a highly desirable format as Jobs is a reluctant signer and often declines signature requests.

As an iconic Apple macOS item and with Jobs’ stylish lowercase signature, the floppy is deemed a museum-quality and a part of the Cupertino-based company’s computing history.

The auction has started with an offer price of $7,500. Interested in getting a piece of Apple history? Make sure to visit the bidding auction site and place your bid ASAP.

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