New Mac Pro to be smaller, powered by Apple silicon

Apple is reportedly working on a new mini form factor Mac Pro. In 2019, Apple released the current generation tower size Mac Pro which is much larger than the 2013 circular Mac Pro. If the reports by various sources are true, Apple is set to release a compact Mac Pro powered by new ARM based chips.

Last year, at its annual worldwide developers conference (WWDC), Apple announced its plan to transition the Mac from Intel to Apple silicon. Following that, the company released its first chip – the M1 – which powers the MacBook Air, the 13” base MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini. The company plans to shift all the Macs to Apple silicon by 2022, as Tim Cook said during WWDC, that the transition will take two years.

High performance, high efficiency

The rumoured smaller Mac Pro will very likely be as powerful or even more powerful as the current generation tower Mac Pro but could cost much less. The secret ingredient is of course Apple’s new chips which are much powerful while requiring less power and as a result, generate very less heat.

New Mac Pro to be smaller, powered by Apple silicon
Mac Pro (2019)

The new upcoming Mac Pros will be able to manage performance per watt much more efficiently, as Apple will be in-charge of the complete hardware except for maybe some parts. The M1 chip, unveiled last year, is believed to be the most basic chip for the Mac. Apple is believed to unveil high performance chips possibly named M1X or M2.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported earlier this month that Apple is working on a slew of new Macs to release this year. All of them will be powered by new Apple made high performance and power efficient chips. The MacBook Pros are reportedly getting a redesign with the Touch Bar being completely dumped. Gurman also noted the existence of a “half sized” Mac Pro.

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