The new Mac Pro to release in September/October

Mac Pro

The release of the completely redesigned Mac Pro is fast approaching. After the last debacle with the trash can styled Mac Pro, Apple decided to go with a “tried & tested” design for its new Mac Pro. The company is actually going back to its roots with the new machine; its built like a tower similar to the Power Mac G5.

Two biggest problems with the 2013 circular/trash-can styled Mac Pro were proper heat management and future upgrades. The machine packed a single fan in the middle whereas the new machine sports three impeller fans. On the upgrades department, the Mac Pro uses a conventional tower design which is easier to open and allows for easier installation of expansion cards or replacement of CPU in the future.

The old Mac Pro
The old Mac Pro

Beast in terms of performance

The base model of the Mac Pro packs a 8-core Intel Xeon processor. However, it can be customized upto a 28-core Intel Xeon W processor. Google Chrome is one of the most memory hungry apps and there are tons of memes about it. I don’t think the new Mac Pro will suffer from any of those issues because it can be customized to pack upto 1.5TB of RAM which is plain humongous. Users have access to 12 DIMM slots to add as much memory as they would like to.

The new Mac Pro to release in September/October

On the graphics front, the Mac Pro allows up to four GPUs with two MPX modules.It also provides an option for an afterburner which Apple says will accelerate the performance of ProRes and ProRes RAW codecs in Final Cut Pro X,QuickTime Player X, and supported third-party apps. It will also allow the playback of three streams of 8k at the same time or upto twelve streams of 4K ProRes RAW at the same time.

Users can get to choose upto 4TB of SSD storage which can read at speeds upto 2.6GB/s and write at 2.7GB/s. Also, the storage is protected Apple’s T2 Security chip. For those who love expansion, the new Mac Pro packs eight PCI Express expansion slots.

The new Mac Pro is expected to be released in the month of September or October.

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