Apple CEO gifted a Mac Pro to Donald Trump

Apple CEO Tim Cook gifted a Mac Pro to the former US President Donald Trump. A document was released a couple of days ago which consists of a “Gifts and Travel Reimbursements” section. Under the same section, a $5,999 (USD) Mac Pro is mentioned.

In 2019, Apple started manufacturing its then-new Mac Pro at a factory in Austin, Texas. For years, Trump talked about bringing Apple’s manufacturing and assembling jobs back to the United States. 

Mac Pro is manufactured in Austin

Apple manufactures its 2019 Mac Pro at the Flex factory in Austin, Texas. Former US President Trump was at the Mac Pro manufacturing plant in 2019 along with Tim Cook and delivered a speech. Trump reportedly received the first unit of the Mac Pro manufactured at the plant as a gift from Cook.

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Tech Overview Revealed

Based on the financial disclosure report, Tim Cook gifted Donald Trump a base model of the 2019 Mac Pro. The base model Mac Pro costs $5,999 (USD) – it lacks a display monitor (Pro XDR Display),  the much trolled $400 wheels, the also much trolled $999 stand, and of course a set of keyboard & mouse.

The 2019 Mac Pro was released after Apple neglected the Mac for years, especially the “Pro” grade computers. In 2017, Apple invited a group of journalists, discussed its moves for the Mac going  forward, and assured that the Mac is not being ignored. 

The iPhone continues to be the major source of revenue for Apple. However, the Mac does not make much money for Apple and it was assumed for a couple of years that the company might be ignoring the Mac and focusing completely on the iPhone.

At one point, it was reported that Apple had pulled some engineers from the Mac OS X team to push some iOS software features quickly. However, that does not appear to be the case anymore as Apple has released some very capable Mac computers.

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