Mac sales in 2021 to hit an all-time high


The PC saw a major increase in sales in 2020, as people continued to work from home throughout the year starting from March. The PC includes both the Windows based computers and the Mac. Apple saw a major increase in sales of its Mac computers partly also due to good releases this year.

Mac sales in 2021 to hit an all-time high

In the first half of 2020, Apple updated all of its Mac laptops to use the new Magic Keyboard instead of the troubled Butterfly Keyboard mechanism used previously. Apple introduced the butterfly keyboard in 2015 with 12” MacBook and later introduced the same mechanism on all Mac laptops. However, the keyboards were so bad that Apple had to take a u-turn and the company introduced the 16” MacBook last year – the first Mac laptop to use a new keyboard which suffers from no issues.

New M1 Macs are industry leading

Apple also introduced its new M1 powered Macs which offer major performance gains over the Intel based versions. The company announced in June at its annual developers conference (WWDC) that it will be moving from Intel to Apple silicon. The company added that the complete transition will take two years. 

The first batch of M1 Macs are the MacBook Air, the 13” base MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini. The new machines offer a lot of performance gains over the previous generation Intel Macs without any price increase. The new M1 Macs also consume less power which results in longer battery backup.

“At the moment, 13.3-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the only products equipped with M1. The Apple Silicon M series processors are expected to see integration in 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros starting next year,” read a report from TrendForce published in November. “As Apple integrates the Apple Silicon M series of processors across various product ranges, and the processor’s performance improves, consumer demand for MacBooks is expected to remain strong in the future.”

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