Mac sales fall as iPhone & AirPods sales skyrocket


Apple had a great Q4 2019 if the reports are to be taken into account. The aggressive iPhone 11 pricing and the price cut to the iPhone XR helped the company entice a lot more people than they normally could. Also, the Apple made accessories sales are skyrocketing as people begin to embrace the wireless audio world and smartwatches for fitness (and many more tasks).

Mac sales fall as iPhone & AirPods sales skyrocket

While the Apple as a whole is performing well, it appears that the Mac sales have taken a hit. The revenue collected from Macs in Q4 2019 was $7.2 billion whereas in Q4 2018, the Mac collected a revenue of $7.4 billion.

The difference in terms of revenue may not be much but its an important point to notice as Apple released a lot of Mac products in 2019 that people have been asking for years. For example, the 16” MacBook Pro which replaces the troubled “butterfly” keyboard with a regular scissor switch keyboard.

Also, Apple released the much loved and much awaited cheesegrater styled Mac Pro which allows for proper cooling of the machine. The last time the Mac Pro was upgraded prior to 2019 was in 2013 – the release of the trash can Mac Pro which suffered by upgradability and thermal issues.

In general, 2019 was a good year for Apple. However, it was not a positive note for the Mac department. It appears as if the company is committed to fixing the Mac but there is a long way to go before we can recommend people to buy Mac computers.

The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13” still use the troubled “butterfly” keyboard. The longer Apple keeps the problematic parts around, the longer it will hurt itself. Its time for Apple to make the “Mac” platform great again.

Do you think Mac sales will improve in 2020?


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