Open source screen saver app Aerial 3 has recently gained several new additions, including storage options, video overlay and a new user interface.

Mac Screen Saver Aerial 3

Aerial now supports the latest screen saver videos found on Apple TV and tvOS 15. Aside from Patagonia and the Grand Canyon, users can also set their Mac screensaver to the newly released Scotland and Iceland theme.

There’s also a redesigned interface that simplifies complex tasks- a ‘Now Playing’ menu has appeared and allows users to pick options based on scenes, time, sources, favorites and location. On macOS Monterey, Aerial unlocks the ability to store videos users downloaded into a custom location, e.g., a network storage device, external or internal drive, with multiple users having access to the same cache.

Video overlays can now be customized, with weather forecasts and several date and clock format options now available. Also, Spotify and Apple Music now shows the song title on the background.


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