Apple has launched a new Mac Upgrade Program for small businesses and Apple business partners. The program will help businesses to upgrade their Mac computers at an affordable price. It is somewhat similar to the iPhone Upgrade Program but only for businesses in this case.

Apple introduces Mac Upgrade Program for businesses

The program has been outlined on CIT’s website which is the financing partner. The details state that Apple Business Partners can provide MacBook Pro and MacBook Air machines to their employees at an extremely affordable price. The payment will have to be done in monthly installments of 3% of the retail price. 

Low monthly instalments compared to high upfront cost

The new 14” MacBook Pro and 16” MacBook Pro are also part of the program. The cost of these machines are higher upfront but with the upgrade program, the price falls down to $60 per month for the 14” MacBook Pro and $75 per month for the 16” MacBook Pro. The 13” MacBook Pro is being offered at $30 per month whereas the MacBook Air is being offered at $39 per month.

The CIT website for the Mac Upgrade Program states that small businesses can apply through its website. If the application is approved, CIT will pass on the information to Apple and the purchase order for the Macs will be processed from there on. The program applies only to Mac laptops and as a result, the iMac, the Mac mini, and the Mac Pro are not part of it.

14" MacBook Pro vs 16" MacBook Pro: Buying guide!
14″ MacBook Pro vs 16″ MacBook Pro: Buying guide!

Apple released the 14” MacBook Pro and the 16” MacBook Pro earlier this year at its October Mac hardware event. Both the machines are powered by the company’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. Last year, the MacBook Air and the 13” MacBook Pro were introduced with M-series chips that offer higher performance with less power consumption compared to Intel chips previously used.


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