Mac users get system notifications and audio sharing on Microsoft Teams

macOS users running Microsoft Teams will see a few improvements in the latest update.

Microsoft has worked with the app and adds system audio sharing on the Mac. Windows users already have this feature, and starting April 22 Mac users who’ve updated their Teams app will have the same.


The company has also added native system notifications, which will be introduced at a later date. Previously, only program notifications were allowed on both macOS and Windows. However, Microsoft changed that and started working on Windows 10, then on the macOS.

When the update goes live macOS users will be able to see Microsoft Team notifications on the Notification Center section. The update won’t force users to check on Notification Center instead of in-software, and Microsoft says message notification behavior won’t change until it’s enabled in their machines.

Microsoft recently began working on its Microsoft Teams app, particularly transferring calls and CarPlay support.