2020 iMac display glitch could be due to Radeon GPU

Some 2020 iMac owners are experiencing a display glitch where random lines are showing up on their screen.

The 27-inch model can be fitted with the latest 5700 XT Radeon Pro that has 16GB GDD66 memory. In the App Support forum, users claim that their machine will cause lines to form. They then thought it was due to the heat generated by many open workflows; however, this was not the case.

The culprit, it seems came from the 5700 XT graphics card. Overall, the computer can continue to function and is wholly unaffected by the glitch. Currently, it’s not clear on how many users are affected or if it only shows up in the highest configuration model of the 2020 iMac.

The software issue will be most likely fixed with an update from AMD, the maker of the graphics card or Apple with their operating software. Hopefully the update can be made as soon as possible before more users experience it.

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