Apple introduces new colorful iMac Lineup

Apple has revealed new and colorful iMacs in a variety of colors, including Purple, Yellow, Orange, Silver, Pink, Green and Blue. The higher-end products come with matching colored accessories, such as the Magic Keyboard, USB-C to Lightning Cable, Magic Mouse and power Cord and power adapter for thematic and aesthetic purposes.

New theme-colored Magic Keyboards will have a hued aluminum base and white keys, while the base of the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse will have the same. Both power cord and Lightning cable have braided designs but the cord will have a colored magnetic connector.


Color-matching accessories are limited to the new iMac models. Apple will not be selling them as standalone products but as perks for buying the new iMacs.

Those interested in the new iMac lineup will have to wait until April 30 to preorder. Prices for the machine start at $1,299, with hardware and accessory upgrade options available.

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