In 2019, Apple had rules that third party repair shops were allowed to repair only iPhones. Recently, the Cupertino-based company has expanded that to allow Mac computers.

Mac Repair

The independent repair program began August 19 and had repair shops get genuine iPhone parts and training. The tech giant expanded on the program last month to Europe and Canada. Apple mentioned that about 140 companies signed up and began offering more than 700 locations in the US for iPhone repairs.

Mac customers can now find small businesses who can repair Macs instead of going out their way to locate an authorized repair shop or Apple Store. The move also helps these businesses thrive as they can service more than just the iPhone.

The recent move is good for both parties, and Mac customers in particular. It’s more convenient and allows users more choices on how they want their devices fixed. First reported by Reuters, the Apple documentation hasn’t been finalized to include Macs but it should be updated shortly.


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