Apple Silicon iMac to release next year

The iMac range has long been neglected in terms of a design refresh. The design of the machine has remained largely unchanged since 2009 when Apple introduced the 21.5” and 27” screen size versions. 

Apple has announced its plans to move from Intel chips to its own silicon very soon. During the earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased the new iMacs by saying ‘more exciting things’ in store for 2020. The Mac has done extremely well in the last quarter, bringing in around $9 billion. The pandemic has resulted in a change of ways in which people use their devices with more importance being given to traditional computers such as the Mac.

Apple Silicon iMac to release next year

Larger model packs the best

The 21.5” iMac has not been updated this year to pack the current generation Intel chips. On the other hand, the 27” iMac received notable updates including 10th gen Intel chips, new 1080p webcam, improved speakers, improved mics, and more. The updated webcam, speakers, and the mics are especially notable in 2020 as people do a lot of their work from home these days.

Mac's transition from Intel to Apple silicon "Historic", says Apple CEO Tim Cook
Mac’s transition from Intel to Apple silicon “Historic”, says Apple CEO Tim Cook

It’s unclear whether Apple will update the 21.5” iMac this year to pack newer chips. Also, the next gen Intel chips (11th gen) are right around the corner; already having been released on some laptops, the desktop chips may take a while. Apple could also altogether ignore the 21.5” upgrade this year and move to introducing a new form factor sometime next year.

Apple is reportedly scheduling a Mac specific event for sometime in November. During WWDC, Tim Cook did say that the first Apple Silicon based Mac will ship by the end of 2020. According to various Apple analysts and leakster suggest that the first Apple Silicon will be a laptop. So, we think a new iMac is in pipeline for next year.