ARM Mac event on November 17, says Jon Prosser

Apple is set to unveil its new range of Mac computers very soon. The company announced in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that the first Apple Silicon based Mac will be released by the end of this year. Notable analysts have reported that the company is planning to hold an event in the month of November specifically for the Mac.

The transition of the Mac from Intel chips to Apple Silicon will usher in a new era for the personal computing industry. In the present age, people use multiple devices and unifying the experiences across platforms will enable major new interactions which are unfathomable at the moment.

Apple is not the first to be considering having all its products work on a single architecture but it will likely be the first to see any kind of success. Microsoft tried its hand at ARM with Windows RT alongside Windows Phone – both of which were terrible failures. However, Microsoft is at work again with its new Windows for ARM edition which now runs on the beautiful Surface Pro X.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that Apple has a much nicer relationship with developers, thanks to its intuitive development software, support, and more. Of course, Apple also has some issues with a specific set of developers (referring to Epic Games and other recent incidents) but that does not apply to the larger set.

Apple’s chips that power the iPhone and the iPad have set a benchmark that is unbeatable by the competition by a large scale. The iPad uses a chip that is much more powerful than a lot of chips found in the traditional PCs but the lack of “pro” level features in iPadOS, limit the hardware.

Will Apple unify the Mac and the iPad? Apple has denied making such a move for a long time but given the current state of the Mac and the iPad, its likely. The company is reportedly set to hold an event on November 17 to discuss the future of the Mac.

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