Cat simulator ‘Stray’ to arrive on Mac

Adventure game ‘Stray’ will be arriving on the Mac platform soon.

‘Stray’ lets you play as a cat and bypass obstacles, complete quests, and solve puzzles to make it to the surface of a walled city. Along the way, you avoid security bots and bacteria while interacting with the environment and navigating through obstacles. The game launched with limited availability- it was only available on PlayStation consoles and Windows devices before opening up to other operating systems.


Stray will use the Silicon processor for high-quality visuals and accelerated graphical performance through the MetalFX Upscaling technology. M1 machines should be able to run the upcoming game without any problems.

Currently, there is no exact date on when ‘Stray’ will be available on the Mac App Store. However, the developers said that it will be coming ‘this year’. ‘Stray’ will be the latest to arrive on Mac following ‘No Man’s Sky’ for Silicon Macs.