Chip manufacture for Silicon Macs set to Q4 2020

Mass-production of the Apple Silicon Mac is ‘on schedule’ and should start before 2020 ends.

A supply chain report by Digitimes says Apple’s 5nm wafers for the product will start Q4 with estimates of 5 to 6k wafers.

Another report says the new Macs will have the new ARM processors and come off a revamp of the ones used in the 12 inch MacBook model. A notable feature of the new chip is improved power efficiency which affects battery life and extends it up to 20 hours.

In real life use, battery may depend on the type of CPU used. iPads meet or exceed the claims while Macs in general deliver about 50 to 60 percent of the promised battery life.

Apple Silicon Mac is a product that shies away from Intel chips to ARM64 processors designed by Apple. This plan was announced by Tim Cook, Apple CEO in the latest WWDC keynote on June 2020.

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