CrossOver to bring DirectX 12 support to Mac

CodeWeavers announced that they will be bringing DirectX 12 to macOS machines via its CrossOver software.

CrossOver allows ChromeOS, Linux, and macOS users to open Windows apps into their native state via a Windows API translation. As of the moment, CrossOver only supports DirectX 11, a technology exclusive to Windows machines. With the latest announcement, DirectX 12 will be added to the CrossOver software and bring optimal use of GPU and CPU, and offer better efficiency and performance.

CrossOver software

CodeWeavers said that support for DirectX 12 will be on a per-title basis, with ‘Diablo 2 Resurrected’ being the first one to get the treatment. The company promised to add support for more titles in the near future. The company has a list of compatible games and software that can run on CrossOver.

CrossOver 23 first beta will be released in the summer of this year, with an official launch shortly after.