Elevate your iMac aesthetically and functionally with the HiRise Pro


Give your iMac a boost in the style department and your back and eyes an upgrade when you buy the Twelve South HiRise Pro. Today, it’s discounted at just $129.99, down $40 from its original price of $170.


You’ll know the HiRise Pro is the perfect accessory for your iMac the moment you lay your eyes on the luxury aluminum stand. Featuring a reversible aluminum and walnut front plate and a padded leather top, the stand works on all iMac models and monitors as well.


The top valet can house items like your keys, coins, iPhone, smartwatches and more. Prop up the inside and you’ll find enough space for stashing your cables, hard drives and other desktop items. As a stand, it elevates the screen to eye level so your back and eyes get a welcome break. The internal shelf can accommodate four height options.

Grab the Twelve South HiRise Pro at only $130 while you can!

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