A code found in the latest macOS reveals a potential new feature.


Face ID has been a staple in many modern iPad and iPhones but it may be arriving on the Mac. Current lock modes include Touch ID, auto unlocking with the Apple Watch or typing in your password.

The latest macOS beta, Big Sur has a code that utilizes Face ID as a way to unlock, but this comes with a hardware requirement current Mac devices don’t have. It’s the TrueDepth camera that enables the feature. Furthermore, the code references terms such as BioCapture and FaceDetect for facial and biometric recognition.

If the code finds its way to the final version then Mac users could be looking at AR apps and face unlocking technology. Moreover, it’s possible that Face ID could be integrated in Safari, which allows users to log in supported websites without typing.

Big Sur is still under development and it’s unclear whether this feature will be making its way to future Macs.


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