The popular firewall app ‘Lockdown’ can now be downloaded for iOS and Mac devices. The open-source software has been in circulation since July and started out life in the iPhone.

Firewall App 'Lockdown' Now Available on Mac

‘Lockdown’ blocks tracking services and analytics platforms that monitor ads, device usage and apps used. On the iOS, Lockdown has stopped a billion-plus tracker as reported by the app’s developer Rahul Dewan.

Aside from being powerful, Lockdown is easy to use and customizable depending on your preferred level of security. It comes with a list of recommended domains, e.g., Google, Facebook, and Mixpanel, among others.

Firewall App ‘Lockdown’ now available on Mac

Being open-sourced, Lockdown is free to download and install. Moreover, the app doesn’t collect or store data as everything runs from the device. The developers that made Lockdown are the same ones behind Duet Display.

Those who are interested can visit the Mac App Store and find Lockdown there. Installing the app is free of charge, although you will need to be on macOS 10.14.6 and have a 64-bit processor to make it work.


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