Fortnite ‘Save the World’ Game will exit the Mac

Epic Games has recently announced that their Fortnite: Save the World game will be shut down on the macOS platform.

‘Save the World’ is a co-op mashup of tower defense and third person shooter published by the same developer as Fortnite. The reason for the shutdown is due to Apple terminating the company’s developer account.


In August of this year Fortnite was pulled from the App Store due to violating the platform’s policies. The company quickly filed a lawsuit and the two have been in a heated legal battle ever since.

As part of the dispute Apple has terminated Epic Games’ developer account, which equates to the developers not being able to upload updates or apps in the Apple ecosystem.

Epic mentioned that refunds will be given for in-game purchases automatically, while Homebase, Schematics and Heroes may still be accessed on another platform.

The next hearing, scheduled September 28 will decide whether Fortnite will be added to the App Store.