Fortnite will have a new upcoming season, with content such as maps, skins and objectives to keep the game fresh. The date is set for tomorrow, but unfortunately iOS players won’t be able to download or play it.

Fortnite Crossplay

Epic announced that they have no intentions of removing the direct payment system in the iOS app, and as such it will continue to be left out in terms of updates and crossplay options. The move leaves Mac, iPad and iPhone players in the dust.

Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite will be available tomorrow on other platforms, which means iPhone, iPad and Mac players can only compete against each other.

Epic recently filed a TRO to allow the app to remain in the App Store. However, it was ruled that the company did it to themselves, and the judge said that all Epic had to do was take the system out to solve the situation.

The next injunction is set on September 28.


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