Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR tech overview revealed

Apple today has showed its white papers for its Apple products Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. Both Pro Display XDR and Mac Pro overview are available to download and view as PDFs and show key components and features and rundowns on each component. Some of the overview highlights include the T2 chip, PCIe expansion slots, SSD, I/O, MPX module, GPUs, Intel Xeon chip and the lattice case, among others.

In the white paper you’ll be able to read up on Apple’s line of thinking for the Mac Pro’s design choice and experience a deep dive of the computer’s technical specifications. For the Pro Display XDR, the reader is treated to a deep dive of the enclosure design mounting, reference modes, display accuracy, timing controller, LED backlighting system and display panel components.

While these information have been shared by Apple those who are interested can download and view them on the official Apple website.

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