Mac Support Store in Brooklyn shutting down

The Mac Support Store in Brooklyn will be closing its shutters after years of being an Apple support store and reseller.

The long-running shop opened in 2006 and is located on 7th Street in Brooklyn. When the store first opened it was an authorized repair center and an Apple reseller. In addition to the physical location closing, the website is set to shut down as well, with just a single page remaining. 

Mac Support Store

The Brooklyn Mac Support Store will be holding an auction to sell the rest of its items. The auction will be on June 15 and start at 9 am Eastern until 11:59 pm on June 18. Jeff Graber, the CEO of Mac Support Store did not disclose any particular reason why the store is closing but said that it’s similar to the Tekserve closure in New York City.

The auction will have a variety of items from vintage collectibles to the latest Macbooks.