MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users face issues with USB 2.0 accessories


The owners of 2020 Macbook Air and Macbook Pro are facing issues with USB 2.0 accessories that connect with the Mac using a hub or an adapter. Several people complained about this issue on various forums including Apple Support Communities, MacRumors Forums, and Reddit forums. The customers who are affected by this problem say that the devices disconnect randomly.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

One MacRumors user says:

“At random times the USB devices connected to the mac though a USB-c hub would just lose connection and stop working all at the same time.”

He also adds that this happens with two USB-C Hubs. He also says that this issue happens at random. The user also added that this issue occurs more when he connects two USB devices at the same time. There are several complaints by users which report that their accessories disconnect when they use the USB 2.0 via a hub or an adapter.

One Reddit user says that the USB 2.0 becomes unresponsive while there is no issue with USB 3.0. The user says:

“Apple has a USB 2.0 issue with either the chipset they are using or a Catalina bug regarding the handling and refreshing of USB 2.0 devices.”

Several customers have contacted Apple and also replaced their Macs but they say that the problem remains even with the new Macs provided.

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