An early benchmark test for the new MacBook Air with M2 processor has been posted online.

M2 MacBook Air

Twitter personality ‘Mr. Macintosh’ shared on social media the Geekbench 5 result, with the M2-powered MacBook Air with 16GB memory achieving a multi-core and single-core score of 8,965 and 1,899, respectively.

It’s worth noting that the scores are similar to the results of the M2-powered MacBook Pro, which means that they’re nearly identical in terms of synthetic performance.

While the two models have nearly the same Geekbench statistics, the Pro model arguably fared better in real world. What’s notably different is that the Pro model has a fan to cool the chip in high performance settings.

In comparison, the M1-powered MacBook Air achieved a multi-core and single-core score of 7,420 and 1,706, respectively. The data equates to the fact that the M2 chip offers faster multi-core performance compared to the M1 chip.

Preorders for the new M2 MacBook Air began July 8, with shipment starting July 15.


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