Should you buy the new M1 MacBook Air?


The MacBook Air has not been the “recommended” laptop in the past few years. From 2011 to 2015, the MacBook Air was the best no nonsense laptop because it got all the important things right. However, Apple did not update the MacBook Air for three years after 2015, until 2018.

M1 MacBook Air

Things turned even worse with the 2018 MacBook Air, as it packed the non-reliable butterfly keyboard and suffered from thermal issues. Same was the story with the 2019 version; the 2020 Intel MacBook Air packed a better keyboard but it still suffered from major thermal issues.

New internals redefine the Mac

Should you buy the new M1 MacBook Air?

The 2020 M1 MacBook Air changes the story completely as it brings a very efficient processor to a thin and light body. Yes, the design of the MacBook Air is slightly outdated when compared to other Windows ultrabooks. It’s important to note that Apple uses a design for (around four) years while improving every single aspect of it.

Apple promises 15 hours of web usage with the new MacBook Air and 18 hours of Apple TV playback. Tech reviewers have confirmed that Apple’s battery life claims are not just marketing numbers but actually stand the test in real life as well. No other laptop comes close to offering the same kind of battery life in real life scenarios except maybe for some netbooks.

Should you buy the new M1 MacBook Air?
M1 MacBook Pro (top right) and M1 MacBook Air (bottom right)

The new M1 MacBook Air does not pack a fan as Apple is so confident about its new processor that it can run heavy applications without generating a lot of heat. The internals of the machine are also very different compared to the previous generation MacBooks and even any other laptop in the industry. The M1 Macs have RAM inbuilt into the processor chip which according to tech pundits will offer major speed improvements. 

The new M1 MacBook Air packs a lot of performance for $999. Its easily the best machine to consider for the price point. It’s also slightly preferable over the MacBook Pro which packs the useless (not for everyone) TouchBar.

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