Apple declares first Macbook Pro with Retina display as obsolete

Earlier in a support document, Apple declared its first-ever Macbook Pro with Retina Display as “obsolete” across the globe. It has been 8 years since its release in 2012. Once Apple declares a product obsolete it is no longer eligible for hardware services without any exception.

So, it means that a MacBook Pro which was bought by a user in mid-2020, if it requires a new battery or any other repairs, Apple will not accept it for repairs or services. The users with this notebook will now have to look for DIY repairs or find other alternate independent repairs through a private shop that has Apple parts.

When Apple announced the Macbook Pro back in WWDC 2012, it was introduced by Apple Marketing Chief Phil Schiller who marked it as, “a breakthrough in display engineering.” He also added saying that it was the most beautiful notebook ever.

Besides having the first every Macbook Pro with Retina display it also had thinner design than earlier Macbook models. Apple made this thin design possible by removing the optical disc drive and the Ethernet port. Now that it is obsolete, the customers who had this model will no longer get Apple services for this model.

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