Apple lags in meeting demand for the latest 16 and 14-inch MacBook Pro


Shipping dates for the redesigned 16 and 14 inch MacBook Pros continue to be delayed, which signals Apple is yet to satisfy the demand for its product.

MacBook Pro

In the US, the estimated shipping time for the M1 Pro 14 inch MacBook Pro is set at 3-4 weeks and by mid-February, while the M1 Max 14 inch model has an even longer ship time at 5-6 weeks. The 16 inch model has the same shipping estimate, with the baseline setup going for around 5-6 weeks while the higher-end option going on 6-7 weeks and into March.

In Canada and the UK, the 16 inch MacBook Pro with flagship specs has a shipping estimate of somewhere between 5 to 8 weeks at 

The chip shortage is largely the cause for the delay, along with slower production due to COVID-19 restrictions. The newest MacBook Pro also commanded high demand due to its major redesign.

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