Popular YouTube channel iFixit has uploaded a new teardown video of the 2023 MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro

The ‘14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro Teardown – How Apple Wants You To Do It’ is around seven minutes in length and talks about Apple’s repair manual, removing the logic board and lid angle sensor, among others. The laptops have nearly the same layout as their predecessors with the exception of the M2 Max and M2 Pro chips.

iFixit then tried ‘the Apple way’ as recommended in the official repair manual, which is part of the company’s self-service repair program. The channel used the 2021 MacBook Pro manuals to deconstruct the laptop and said that the result is ‘comprehensive and easy to follow’.


The 2023 MacBook Pro received a 5/10 in repairability score as many components are affixed to the logic board. iFixit said that the official repair guide comes with a lot of security warnings, particularly never to touch the battery.


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