iFixit recently uploaded a new video showing off the new M2 MacBook Pro’s innards.

M2 MacBook Pro

In the video, the 13 inch MacBook Pro had the same layout as its predecessor that houses the M1 chip. The external case is nearly identical except for the EMC number, which is used to differentiate between MacBook Pros that have the M2 chip and those that have the M1.

iFixit pointed out several details in the heat sink and logic board, with the heat sink having more rounded corners than the M2’s squared design. A logic board swap resulted in improper boot-up since the internal peripherals were not detected, which meant that users will not be able to simply interchange them to get the faster chip.

The 13 inch M2 MacBook Pro is available to purchase at Apple.com and Apple Stores. iFixit’s teardown video of the M2 MacBook Pro can be viewed on the company’s official YouTube channel.


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