New images showcase Apple Macbook Pro’s Wheel Kit

Earlier this week Apple started to sell the kits for Macbook Pro wheels. This wheel kit is available for the customers for $699. New images of the wheels kit have been posted on Weibo with everything showcased. 

The box includes four wheels. There are also quarter-inch hex bits. Also, Apple says that the customers will need some extra tools to install the wheels on their Macbook Pro. Now with the wheels, you can move your Macbook Pro around with ease. You can easily put your Mac on the wheels. These are custom wheels made of steel and rubber that allow easy movement.  Now you can slide the Mac under your desk or slide it around the workspace, the wheels will skip the carrying around Mac all day.

Apple Macbook Pro’s Wheel Kit
New images showcase Apple Macbook Pro’s Wheel Kit

Apple says that when the customers add these wheels, they will increase the height of their Mac by one inch. Apple is also selling the Mac Pro Feet kit. That feet kit for Mac is available for $299. To install the feet kit or the wheels kit you will need to follow the instructions in the installation guide that Apple provides. Customers can now order the Macbook Pro Wheels kit online.