Reddit estimates engineering and money savings with new M1 Max MacBook Pro

Reddit engineer Jameson Williams posted on Reddit’s engineering blog how the new MacBook Pro models could save the company a lot of money.

Williams expounded on his original tweet that fully-loaded MacBook Pro units can save the company time and money, saying that the new machines could make a big difference. He starts by saying that Android engineers can save around 22 minutes each day in terms of build time by shifting from a 2019 Intel i9 MacBook Pro to the new model, and that the average per-hour cost of an engineer is somewhere around $150.

He then went on about the costs of outfitting a team of nine engineers with the M1 Max MacBook at around $31.5k, and how it would be recouped after three months’ time.

The M1 Max MacBook Pro is quickly becoming the go-to device for companies, including Twitter and Uber, thanks to its new M1 Max Pro chips for better performance.

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