Save $349 on Apple’s Most Powerful MacBook

Touted as the most powerful device Apple has created under their line of notebooks, the MacBook Pro offers massive specs across its processor, display, graphics, sound system, storage and battery life. 

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is built with 16GB of ram, 1TB storage, a big and stunning Retina Display plus an AMD Radeon Pro GPU card for tackling heavy workloads efficiently, with the Magic Keyboard to complete the experience.

Multitasking and navigating is a breeze with the touch bar, touch ID and physical escape key. Enhanced thermal design delivers sustained power and added cooling capacity, which ensures high performance for longer periods. Users will be delighted upon the numerous intensive tasks and projects they can accomplish with this Pro notebook workhorse. 

Get all these impressive features packed in the 16-inch MacBook Pro at a discounted price. Amazon has slashed the price from $2799 to just $2449.99, thus you get to save $349. Order yours today! 

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