The Latest M2-Powered MacBook Pro is $200 Off

Get your hands on a powerful laptop with everyday capabilities. Today, the M2 MacBook Pro with 256GB of storage is down to just $1,099 from its original price of $1,299 on Amazon.

The M2 chip is no slouch when it comes to graphical and chip processing. It’s billed as ‘portable powerhouse’, and rightly so- you’ll be able to run the latest games, apps, and software with ease. All the graphics are faithfully and boldly represented on the bright 13.3-inch Retina display. Active cooling technology keeps the running temperature low while you do chip-heavy tasks.

MacBook Pro

A fully-charged MacBook Pro gives you more or less 20 hours of runtime, which should be more than enough to power through a day. You can plug in your accessories or take video calls and conferences with clarity, thanks to the studio-quality mics and HD camera with FaceTime.

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