Youtuber claims Apple will announce new 13-inch MacBook Pro next month


Earlier in a Tweet YouTuber Jon Prosser said that Apple will announce a new MacBook Pro (13-inch) model next month. Apple will announce it under the code name J223. 

13-inch MacBook Pro

Jon Prosser tweeted:

“If everything goes well…  New 13” MacBook Pro (codename J223) coming next month.”

He also claimed in the same tweet that this new model will be the refresh of the current 13-inch model.  He also added that it is a possibility that Apple might make it 14-inch in the new model. 

Earlier Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told that Apple has plans to release new MacBook Air and Pro models in this 2nd quarter. As predicted earlier, Apple did launch the MacBook Air with a brand new keyboard. It means that now the only release of the new MacBook Pro remains.  

As Jon Presser noted that Apple might release the 14-inch model. In the past, Kuo did mention 14-inch models of MacBook Pro. However, it cannot be said with authenticity if Apple will announce the MacBook Pro with this size. The new Macbook Pro is expected to have an update to its processor, i.e., the new Intel’s tenth generation processors.  

It is well noted that the Google leaks shared by Prosser have been accurate. However, his rumors for sharing Apple-related leaks are yet to be confirmed. 

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