NeoFinder discovers a bug in macOS image capture App

NeoFinder’s developers discovered a bug in the Image Capture App of the macOS. The bug takes gigabytes of space when the users transfer photos from an iPhone or an iPad to Mac. 

NeoFinder’s media asset management team of developers discovered this bug by accident. The developers say the discovery of the bug was a “pure chance.” According to the blog post shared by NeoFinder, the issue occurs when the App converts the iOS photos which are in HEIF format to JPEG. 

Bug in macOS
NeoFinder discovers a bug in macOS image capture App

The bug takes a lot of storage space when the users do not check “Keep Originals” in the settings. So when the tool converts the photos from HEIF to JPEG, the bug adds extra 1.5MB data to every file copied. 

According to the NeoFinder’s team, it is a huge waste of space, especially when Apple Mac has models that only have 128 GB of total storage. With such a small disk capacity and this bug, the disc storage will fill up quickly. 


The developers at NeoFinder say that they discovered the bug when they were working to improve the metadata capabilities of NeoFinder. According to the report, NeoFinder says that it has notified Apple about this bug.