New MacBook Pro Getting a Teardown on iFixit Website

The new MacBook Pro, which has been recently made available to the public will be getting a teardown by iFixit, known for dismantling tech devices and sharing the video on their site and YouTube channel.

Some of the things iFixit wants to check are the new Magic Keyboard and any additional internal components that are absent in the previous models. In a preliminary inspection, iFixit has found that the scissor switch has a similar design as that of Magic Keyboards in pre-butterfly MacBooks. The key caps were found to be replaceable, with the technician showing how a key cap could be snapped back on the laptop keyboard.

Furthermore, the video shows a hardware layout that’s more or less the same as previous MacBooks, with both memory and SSD soldered on the logic board, thus making them non-replaceable.

The full video teardown will be made available Monday, which should give viewers a more in-depth look at the newest MacBook Pro.

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