Pro Display XDR and Mac Pro to will be available for purchase from December 10

Apple has sent ‘save the date’ emails for its latest products- the Pro Display XDR and the new Mac Pro will be officially available for purchase on December 10.

The Cupertino-based company stated before that they intend to release the display and desktop in November, but it’s only now that we’re getting an exact date. The Mac Pro was unveiled in this year’s WWDC event and caters to the professional user base.

Pro Display and Mac Pro to Launch December 10

The Pro Display XDR is a 6K display boasting a 6016 by 3384 resolution and 20 million-plus pixels. It starts at $5,000 and has a $999 add-on stand.

The Mac Pro is a modular desktop featuring a lattice pattern shell, up to 28 core Xeon processors, up to 2 Radeon Pro Duo graphics cards, an Afterburner accelerator and 1.5 TB maximum memory. It starts at $6,000 and goes up depending on your preferred hardware configuration.